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Dr Nick Mohindra first became interested in this field when he was treating patients who were suffering from what is known as TMD syndrome. This is a group of symptoms including sore facial muscles, tense neck and shoulders, or back and head pains, often caused by jaw relationship problems. It occurred to him that the technique he was using to treat these patients could also benefit denture patients. This lead to the Added Dimension Denture™ technique, which is based on restoring the lower facial height lost by denture wearers.

Dr Mohindra was encouraged to publish his findings in a scientific paper and this was published in the British Dental Journal in 1996. Since then he has treated hundreds of patients with the technique and recently made the decision to give up general dentistry - Dr Mohindra was previously principal of a four-man practice in Kent - in order to devote all his time to Added Dimension Dentistry. He plans to teach other Dentists the technique at his Added Dimension Dentistry Clinic in central London.

Dr Mohindra has been under pressure from both his peers and his patients to provide a similar solution for people with their own teeth. Further research has resulted in the development of the Oralift Facial Rejuvenation®: a stretch and exercise device for the face. This is designed to be used as an anti-aging technique for our younger patients (30+) and to address the signs of aging for our more mature patients.


Dr Mohindra is a featured advisor on the cosmetic dentistry guide - an educational resource with information on tooth whitening,
dental implants, dental veneers, Dental Insurance and much more.
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