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"Just a few notes for your file on my dentures. My headaches have been much less, also, no shoulder pains, digestion much improved and nasal problems also improved since having my dentures." Mrs J.E.J.

"When I look at myself in the mirror I don't see an old haggard face. I don't think I will ever be gorgeous but the whole face looks better and makes me feel better." Patient - Mrs B.

"I feel more alive and fresh. My neck and shoulder pains have improved greatly although my other symptoms have not improved as much. I would recommend the technique to anyone." Patient - Mr M.

"I am delighted with my Added Dimension Dentures™. They feel so comfortable. My mouth is shaping into a more relaxed contour. Everyone says how well I look. Thank you for accepting me for your wonderful treatment." Mrs J. H.

"I am amazed at th transformation achieved. My square face has changed to a softer, oval shape. My lips are noticeably fuller, my skin is smoother. Even my eyes look brighter. I feel and look years younger." Mrs A. M.


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