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 An Added Dimension to Cosmetic Dentistry
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Facial Rejuvenation In UK

Added Dimension Dentistry was set up in central London in 1999 to add a new dimension to dentistry.

How does that added dimension relate to cosmetic dentistry?

Patient after.
Hover over to see before photo.

Cosmetic dentistry as we know it is all about improving the smile—by tooth whitening, tooth straightening, crowns, veneers, cosmetic dentures. However, the smile is not just about lips and teeth. When you look at it as part of the bigger picture i.e. the face, we have to consider other aspects:

  • The eyes- do they smile too?
  • The corners of the mouth - how much do they lift up when we smile?
  • How much tooth and how much gum show when we smile?
  • How do our teeth look when we are talking?
  • How does age affect our smile?

These are the extra dimensions we look at when we are designing your smile at Added Dimension Dentistry. Improving the smile is not just about restoring the teeth but improving the muscle tone and the slackness of the face. Our Dentalfacelift and Oralift procedures address these issues.

(None of the photographs on the website has been modified)

    Natural Non Surgical Face Lift

Chief Executive of Dental Practicioners Association interviews Dr. Nick Mohindra “the leading authority in this country” in altering lower facial height, something hitherto not believed possible in dentistry.
Click HERE to hear the interview.

BBC News
"The Dental facelift
heralds a new phase in cosmetic medicine by countering the ageing
process without the need for extensive surgery"
BBC News

British Dental Journal
“80% of patients
treated with the ADD Dental Facelift looked between 5 and 20
years younger”

British Dental Journal
British Dental Show  

Dr Mohindra is a featured advisor on the cosmetic dentistry guide - an educational resource with information on tooth whitening,
dental implants, dental veneers, Dental Insurance and much more.

View Nick Mohindra's profile on LinkedIn

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