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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get a Dental Facelift?
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a) What is the Dentalfacelift? The Dental Facelift is a real alternative to a Surgical Facelift.

b) How does the Dentalfacelift work? It works by utilizing the healing capacity of the body. This is done by replacing missing teeth and worn teeth into their ideal position. This builds up the muscles in the face and tightens the skin, which in turn strengthens the bones of the face.

c) What will the dentist do to me if I want the Dentalfacelift? You will have to wear a small appliance ( similar to an orthodontic appliance),for a few weeks which will help determine the correct shape for your face. Once this has been established, the teeth can be built up to the correct level.

d) Can I have the Dentalfacelift if I need other dentistry done? Yes, but should come for a consultation before you have your regular dentistry done otherwise some of the work may have to be redone.

e) How long does the Dentalfacelift take? (How many appointments) You will need at least 6 visits. The results are very dramatic and can be seen in the first week but facial features will keep on improving for the next 3 to 4 years.

f) I have implants; can I still have the Dentalfacelift? Yes, but if you are thinking of having Dental Implants it is better to have the Dentalfacelift first.

g) What happens at the consultation? We take photographs to study the shape of the face, condition of the skin and we do a thorough examination of the mouth and the jaw joint.

h) Does the treatment involve needles, surgery etc.? This is a non-surgical truly anti ageing treatment which reverses the signs of facial ageing.

i) If I have all of my own teeth should I have the Dentalfacelift? It will depend on the shape of your face, condition of your skin and the condition of your teeth. The dentist will advise you at your consultation.

j) Will the Dentalfacelift improve my teeth and smile? Definitely, and is one of the reasons why the Dentalfacelift is 5 times better than a surgical facelift. The Dentalfacelift is like taking your face to the gym: it is anti ageing, it will improve your smile and the Dentalfacelift keeps on working even after 3-4 years, something a surgical facelift will not do. There are also many health benefits associated with the Dentalfacelift.

k) Is there a dentist in my area doing this treatment? Dr. Mohindra pioneered this treatment and has given lectures to other dentists. We are not aware of any other dentists doing exactly the same procedures.

l) I live too far away what can I do? Patients travel to see Dr. Mohindra from all over the U.K and overseas. We can arrange appointments to suit your travel plans and to do the treatment in the shortest possible time.

m) Do we do mini implants? We have an implantologist who comes to the practice and does all types of implants. Once she has examined the condition of your bone levels she will be able to advise you of the best type of implants. Sometimes it is necessary to take Xrays to establish this. Mini implants can be placed and become functional the same day. Conventional implant will need more time to integrate to the bone.


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