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Signs Of Facial Ageing
ADD Dental Facelift® For People With Their Own Teeth
ADD Dental Facelift® For People With Some or All Of Their Teeth Missing
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Leni's Story

"I have to express how delighted I am with the final result. I just cannot stop smiling. I suppose that delighted is an understatement when having to express the outcome of the treatment.

Over the year there has been a complete transformation of my looks. I have now more open eyes, a straighter nose, fuller lips and a fantastic smile. My skin looks better, fresher, less lined and really has been rejuvenated.
I almost cannot believe that the person on the before pictures is really me. The transformation is so dramatic and I look many many years younger now.

I am so happy that I found you and that I went under your treatment and not a cosmetic surgeon's knife as was my original intention.

I also have to say that I have enjoyed the kindness, interest and care from you all in the practice throughout my treatment."

Glamour 1 Glamour 2

Some of our patients, once they have had The Dentalfacelift understandably feel elated about their new look and we encourage them to have Glamour Photos taken as part of their treatment. Make up and a new hairstyle can help make anyone look younger, but the Dentalfacelift gives our patients the confidence to do this. Many patients previously hated having their photographs taken.

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