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 Added Dimension Dentures
ADD Dentures can make you look up to 20 years younger… scientifically proven!
ADD Dentures can help you regain your youthful looks and case studies show that the ageing process seems to get put into reverse gear.
ADD Dentures provide you with a confidence building, natural looking smile, which you will never again want to hide.

This is a new denture technique suitable for people who have lost all their natural teeth and who are seeking to relieve pain or tension in the neck, shoulder, head or back, retain youthful looks or reduce the signs of ageing.

The technique is based on the principle of replacing lost tooth height - as once the natural teeth are lost the jaw bone tends to shrink - resulting in the typical 'sunken face' appearance of those who wear traditional dentures.

The replacement of lost height is also key to relieving many of the symptoms of TMD disorder - a range of symptoms caused by poor balance of the teeth and jaw and damage to the jaw joint over time.

How are Added Dimension Dentures different from conventional dentures? The dentures themselves are similar in appearance to ordinary dentures because the size of the teeth does not change. However, the amount of pink gum work is more, but this is, of course, not directly visible. Great care is taken to ensure that our dentures are also designed to look as natural as possible. We have state of the art digital imaging facilities at our disposal to carefully monitor the changes that are taking place, not only in the appearance of the teeth but in the appearance of the whole face.

The whole team, including the technician, work together at the 'try-in' stage and we only proceed to the 'fit' stage when we are happy that you are confident with the look of your dentures.

As with any new dentures, these can take a little getting used to! In the first few days you may have some initial difficulties with eating, speaking and facial soreness. However, with some care and patience, the dentures soon feel natural, and certainly look better.

Dr Mohindra and his team strive to give all their patients an immense amount of support and practical help in order to guide them through the treatment.

What is involved?
Patients are invited to discuss their suitability for the Added Dimension Dentures with Dr Mohindra at a consultation visit. A second appointment is made to allow a full assessment and analysis, and after this, special 'pivots' or blocks are added to the patient's existing dentures in order to start the process of raising denture height, and relaxing the muscles.

A set of dentures can then be made involving a series of appointments, in order to make sure the dentures are correctly fitted and balanced.

Implants and Dental Facelift
You no longer have to suffer from loose, ill fitting dentures.
With implants you can stabilize your dentures or get rid of them completely.
Mini implants are a fraction of the cost of normal implants and can be placed in one day.

Implant treatment for missing teeth has been an established concept for 40 years. The ultimate treatment after having Added Dimension Dentures is to stabilise the dentures with dental implants or to get rid of dentures completely and have fixed bridges supported by implants.
Implants with the Dental facelift are the ultimate solution, whether
to stabilise ADD dentures, or to free you from dentures altogether.

If you are considering implants to stabilize your dentures one of
the most revolutionary procedures we are now able to offer is the
"Mini Implant System". Previously some patients were put off by the
cost and time taken for the conventional implant procedure, but with
this minimally invasive technique you can visit us in the morning,
have mini implants placed in under two hours and go off and enjoy
your lunch with confidence. All this at an affordable price!


Dr Mohindra is a featured advisor on the cosmetic dentistry guide - an educational resource with information on tooth whitening,
dental implants, dental veneers, Dental Insurance and much more.
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