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 Dentalfacelift™ Is 5 Times Better Than Regular Facelift
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How do I get a Dental Facelift?
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There is unprecedented interest in cosmetic surgery from both the media and the British public. More and more people in the U.K. every year are going under the plastic surgeon's knife. This webpage explains the different types of facelift available including the revolutionary new Dentalfacelift™ as well as examining alternatives.

Everyone's heard of going under the knife to have a facelift. Growing numbers of people every year lay down in operating theatres. They put up with having to take time out of their lives and brave the anxiety, fear and stress. As well as the courage it takes to voluntarily have your face cut with a scalpel there's also the discomfort and pain of recovering from the operation in the weeks following the surgery.

So why do people have facelifts?
Because they work. Unlike many of the pills and potions advertised so much on television having a facelift will make you look younger. Let's be honest. Would facelifts be so popular if they didn't work? Why else would people voluntarily agree to be put to sleep and have their face cut open with a sharp knife?

What about the latest anti-aging fine line reducing cream?
It's likely you've tried many of the face creams, moisturisers and so called "anti-aging aging" formulations on the market. Some of these may produce minor improvements in "fine lines" but they won't make you look dramatically younger. Most simply do not work. Several major cosmetics companies have been repeatedly told to stop making claims they can't back up by the advertising standards authorities.

But what about the special formulations I've seen on the internet?
Think about it. If the major cosmetic companies who have been household names for decades and have many millions with which to spend on research (as well as on all that advertising) haven't come up with a "miracle" cream what are the chances that some company you've never heard of before has suddenly discovered a cream or powder which produces real results?

So what's dentistry got to do with facelifts?
With time the lower facial height (the area between the nose and chin) decreases due to the loss of teeth and/or the wearing down of teeth. Dr. Mohindra discovered that this is one of the key factors in facial aging. You have only to think an elderly person who has lost their teeth to see the difference this can make. Missing and ground down teeth result in the sucked in and collapsed appearance around the mouth which causes vertical lines on the upper and lowers lips and all around the mouth. The effects don't stop there. Because the tension on the skin of the face has been slackened the whole face is effected.

So in other words missing/worn teeth can make the whole face age?
Exactly. The lack of tension on the skin results in the jawline loosening, the chin falling, the cheeks flattening and wrinkles appearing around the eyes and forehead. Literally the skin loosens on the whole face.

How does the Dental Facelift work?
It works by re-building and replacing missing and worn teeth. This builds the muscles in the face back up and tightens the skin.

Why have a Dentalfacelift™ as an alternative to cosmetic surgery?
Why? Because a Dentalfacelift™ is a real alternative to surgery. One that can achieve real results and make you look dramatically younger. Unlike surgery, as it is founded on existing dental techniques, there are no more risks than going to your dentist for a clean and polish.

Facial ageing is regarded as the gravity assisted downward migration of the soft tissues of the face. Nowadays we believe this is not the only reason. Bones of the face also change, which causes flattening of the cheek bones exacerbating this downward movement of the soft tissues.

Cosmetic surgeons think of the face in terms of a triangle. In youth the base of the triangle is at the cheeks and the point is at the chin. As we get older the triangle reverses. The formation of the jowls means that the base of the triangle is now at the chin and the tip goes upwards towards the nose.

Up until now surgery was the only answer to reverse the triangle. But after a short time the soft tissues would sag again. Now there is another answer – the ADD Dentalfacelift . This can reverse the triangle and because this procedure is truly anti aging the ageing process gets put into reverse gear. As we get older, the face keeps on improving. (See the long term effects). The pictures below show this reversal of the triangle.

Before treatment
After treatment

So why haven't I heard of Dentalfacelift™ before?
It's new. Dr. Mohindra invented this revolutionary new technique after over 30 years in general dental practice.

How do I know it works?
The technique has received coverage in the national press and on the BBC. The British Dental Journal has published an independently evaluated scientific study into its effectiveness. This is an academic journal not a glossy magazine supported by advertising. The study concluded...view study


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